clean beauty products
clean beauty products
best conditioner bars
best beauty bars
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shampoo bars with no harsch ingredients
shower bars with no plastic bottles
beauty bars generate profit to the planet
shampoo produced with renewable energy
Easier to use than bottle shampoo, no awkward tops to open with wet hands, just grab the bar and go.
Simon, UK
The whole family loves the shampoo bars. The lather is really impressive and the hair shimmers and feels super clean. Well done!
Laura, Switzerland
My hair feels exactly as good as after using my expensive extra volume shampoo.
Caroline, Sweden

Our collections

clean shower bars ocean magic

Ocean Magic

A sensual blend of sea fennel, calabrian bergamot and island flowers evokes the floral notes on the breeze as the sun sets on the Mediterranean.

shower bars alpine glow scented

Alpine Glow

A refreshing blend of eucalyptus, rosemary and pine tree evokes a memory of enjoying the fresh mountain air while traversing the Alps.

plastic-free shower bars from amazonian amour collection

Amazonian Amour

A harmonious blend of floral and woody notes opens a sensory portal to the heart of the rainforest.

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