Shaving bars for all genders

Our luxuriously lathering shaving bars moisturize and protect skin from head to toe. Certified natural glycerin and organic sweet almond oil from Provence, known for soothing and softening dry and sensitive skin, play key roles in our shaving bars, resulting in close and smooth shaves for all genders.

A smoother shave

Our shaving bars are designed to smoothly follow the contours of the human body. Just wet the bar and swipe it directly across the wet shaving area. Massage the deeply moisturizing lather onto skin and enjoy the pleasure of going plastic free. Each shaving bar avoids at least two bottles of shaving cream or gel.

Explore our collection of beauty bar scents

Conscious beauty for all genders, designed in Stockholm and carefully crafted in the South of France. 20% of profits to protect the planet and combat climate change. 100% organic scents from Grasse.

clean shower bars ocean magic

Ocean Magic

A sensual blend of sea fennel, calabrian bergamot and island flowers evokes the floral notes on the breeze as the sun sets on the Mediterranean.

shower bars alpine glow scented

Alpine Glow

A refreshing blend of eucalyptus, rosemary and pine tree evokes a memory of enjoying the fresh mountain air while traversing the Alps.

plastic-free shower bars from amazonian amour collection

Amazonian Amour

A harmonious blend of floral and woody notes opens a sensory portal to the heart of the rainforest.