Beauty Disrupted is all about making the best hair and beauty products for both people and planet.

Plastic-free beauty to the world

Disrupting an industry

Beauty Disrupted was born out of a dream of the French and Swedish co-founders Alban Mayne and Svante Holm to disrupt an industry that relies heavily on plastic. “We were both working in the tech industry when we heard the staggering statistic that some 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles are trashed annually, and only a few are recycled”, said Svante. “Many of the bottles end up in our oceans”.

The co-founders quit their careers and spent two years seeking out the perfect ingredients for each bar, exploring the French Alps with local botanists and learning from experts and artisans from around Europe. “We wanted to create something that was luxurious and indulgent but not at the expense of our planet”, said Alban. “Every bar we offer has to exceed the pleasure and performance of the most premium liquid alternative while also being free of plastic and harsh ingredients”.

Organic scents from Grasse

Beauty Disrupted’s bars are uniquely scented with 100% organic fragrances from Grasse, PETA certified vegan and cruelty free, and completely free of plastics and harsh chemicals. All bars are consciously crafted in the South of France using 100% renewable energy and the brand donates 20% of its profits or 2% of its revenue (whichever is higher) to non-profit organizations that protect the planet and combat climate change. Each Beauty Disrupted bar avoids at least 2 regular sized plastic bottles.

So are we perfect? No. For example, while we use natural and organic ingredients wherever we can, we have not (yet) figured out how to make a 100% organic shampoo bar that is as good as our current shampoo bar. But we are working on it! We are also working on ways to reduce the impact of our shipping. Already from the start, we decided to make all our bars, scents and packaging in the same region in France, thereby avoiding a lot of unnecessary shipping and CO2 emissions. Moreover, unlike regular liquid shampoos and conditioners, which contain 70% to 90% water, our bars are nearly free of water, allowing us to ship the ingredients you actually need while letting you add the water in the shower. But while we ship smaller, and much lighter products, we are still searching for really clean yet fast shipping methods. On topics like this we get a lot of support and ideas from the amazing B Corp community. We started certifying as B Corp right after we launched the company, thereby joining some 4000 smart companies around the world on a quest to redefine the role of business for a cleaner, fairer and more inclusive future.

For the planet

So while we are not perfect, we always search for better and cleaner in everything we do. And we will always give 20% of our profits to amazing environmental organizations that protect the planet and combat climate change. That is just dear to our hearts, and, like the 80 billion plastic bottles, a key reason for why we started Beauty Disrupted to begin with!