A cleaner way to do beauty.

For people and planet.

We are here to change the hair and beauty industry. Because we know there is a better and cleaner way. One that really works for both people and planet.

Haircare and beauty is a 500 Billion Dollar industry that is addicted to chemicals and plastic. When you buy a high-end liquid shampoo today, about 70% of it is water (increasing to about 90% for a conditioner), and then there are chemicals, some of them quite harsh. And it all comes in a thick old fashioned plastic bottle that is close to impossible to recycle anywhere. As a result, some 80 Billion (with a B!) shampoo and conditioner bottles get trashed annually. Many end up in the oceans.

That all feels very old fashioned to us… Our products are consciously crafted in the South of France using 100% renewable energy and carefully selected gentle ingredients your hair and body will love. We don’t use any harsh ingredients, and instead of loading products with water, we load up on 100% organic scents from our perfumer friends in Grasse. We mix the gentle ingredients with the wondrous scents and turn it into solid bars that we package in beautiful and easily recyclable cardboard instead of thick everlasting plastic. As a result, each bar we make avoids the need for at least 2 plastic bottles. And then we give 20% of our profits to amazing environmental organizations that protect the planet and combat climate change. Makes sense, doesn’t it?